The organisation is placed under the authority and control of a World Assembly of Delegates consisting of Delegates designated by the Governments of all Members.

We are managed at the Headquarters situated in Paris and placed under the responsibility of a Director General elected by the World Assembly of Delegates. The Headquarters implements the resolutions passed by the International Committee and developed with the support of Commissions elected by the Delegates.

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World Assembly of Delegates

The highest authority of the World Organisation for Animal Health


Composed of the President of the World Assembly, the Vice-President, the Past President and six Delegates

Director General

Dr Monique Eloit

Specialists Commissions

Terrestrial animals, Biological, Aquatic animals, Scientific

Regional Commissions

Africa, Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific , Middle East

Regional Representations

Africa, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East


Located in Paris and placed under the authority of the Director General appointed by the World Assembly

Ad hoc Groups

Convened to examine specific scientific and technical issues

Working Groups

Responsible for continuingly reviewing developments in their fields

Collaborating Centres

Centers of expertise in a specific designated sphere of competence relating to the management of general questions on animal health issues

Reference Laboratories

Designated to pursue all the scientific and technical problems relating to a named animal disease or specific topic

Organisation’s Framework

Basic texts, cooperation agreements, official acts, resolutions and recommendations, final reports of the General Session, experts’ obligations