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We work to improve animal health and welfare across the globe. By collecting, analysing and disseminating veterinary scientific information, we encourage international solidarity in the control of animal health risks. Furthermore, we work across borders to foster a One Health approach, recognising that the health of animals, humans and the environment are interdependent.

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Animal health impacts everyone’s health and is at the heart of everything we do.

All of our actions are guided by a clear purpose: to improve animal health and welfare globally. These efforts are informed by the latest scientific evidence available. 

We monitor the emergence and development of animal diseases in terrestrial and aquatic animals, either domestic or wild, so we can take action before they imperil animal health and welfare, public health or livelihoods. 

In this regard, we know that collaboration is the key to obtaining sustainable results. That is why we work to create a substantial network of people, a solid knowledge base and a pool of resources and information that can be easily accessed and shared. 

We also ensure that our Members have the tools, capacity and support they need to equip their Veterinary Services and respond to the threats of animal diseases. By keeping animals safe from diseases, countries protect their own communities and keep their economies growing. 

Through our work, we wish to promote a worldview of interconnectedness between animals, humans, and the environment. To us, interconnectedness is not merely a concept: it is a real bond and we nurture it daily. 


Animal Health and Welfare

We focus on monitoring and disseminating knowledge about animal diseases, and on how to use scientific data to limit their negative effects on society.

With numerous changes disrupting our communities and ways of life, we continue to adapt our work to the challenges of veterinary public health and to provide effective support to national Veterinary Services.  


Our Members recognise the importance of adhering to our animal health and welfare Standards to ensure safe trade, public health and economic growth within and beyond their borders.

Harmonising trade requirements is crucial when it comes to facilitating the safe exchange of animals and animal products at an international or regional scale.  

Global Initiatives are a key part of what we do at WOAH

Global Initiatives

Animal health faces complex and ever-shifting challenges. The responses to these challenges cannot be considered exclusive to a specific country or sector.

Collaboration, coordination, communication and concerted actions are needed via interdisciplinary approaches across different sectors. Through our global initiatives, we provide our Members with the knowledge and guidance they need to raise awareness and mobilise decision-makers and actors in the field. 

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Our publications are a valuable source of information for the international scientific community and facilitate progress in veterinary medicine worldwide.

They cover a full spectrum of animal health issues throughout the world and include periodicals, International Standards, world conference proceedings, and publications focused on specific animal health issues.  

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