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We oversee various programmes, both cross-sectoral ones and those focused on specific needs, to improve the capacities of Veterinary Services and Aquatic Animal Health Services. These programmes are designed to empower and guide countries in the development and implementation of sustainable national plans which go well beyond purely veterinary matters.

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Animal Health Services work actively across sectors to ensure the health of animals every day, at local and national levels.

Whether it is for the surveillance of animal diseases, control of animal products intended for consumption, or research into human vaccines against seasonal influenza, the role these services play is crucial to delivering health for everyone. 

The expertise of Animal Health Services and the financing of their activities are essential to the success and sustainability of animal health policies. 

However, the amount of educational training and financial and human resources provided to these Services do not always correspond with the high stakes surrounding their activities. Effective global health governance requires strong national capacities along with international coordination. We therefore support our Member’s Veterinary Services and Aquatic animal health Services through various activities. 

Effective global health governance requires strong national capacities along with international coordination.

Improved Veterinary Services

The activities of Veterinary Services are a global public good that minimise the spread of transboundary animal diseases and facilitate safe trade. 

Animals and the health systems that protect them play a vital role in the wellbeing of humanity and contribute to economic security. Scarce financial resources and inadequately staffed and organised Veterinary Services can condition the number of animal losses and uncontrolled epidemics. This, in turn, can impact the health and livelihoods of entire communities. Through various programmes we have a proven track record in strengthening Veterinary Services. 


Expertise network

We have a global network of Reference Centres providing knowledge on diseases and animal health related topics. 

This network of Collaborating Centres and Reference Laboratories is the core of our scientific expertise. They support the work of the Organisation in their field of specialty and, when relevant, provide scientific and technical guidance and training to our Members. 

Safe trade and movement of animals

We provide guidance and develop international standards to facilitate a secure and sustainable global trading system based on the principles of transparency and collaboration. 

Trade can provide countries with numerous benefits but can also increase the risk of the spread of animal diseases. Our Standards and guidelines aim to foster safe trade, protect animal health and ensure fair practices by avoiding unnecessary trade or movement barriers. 


Self-declared disease status

Members can self-declare the freedom of their country or specific zones from a disease.  

These declarations are the responsibility of each Member. By demonstrating the absence of a disease from the whole or a part of their territory, countries can access to new trade opportunities at regional and international levels. 

 Veterinary products

We deliver international standards, guidelines and recommendations for the production and the use of veterinary products.

Veterinary products are important in preventing and controlling animal diseases. Vaccines, veterinary medicines like antimicrobial agents, and diagnostic kits help ensure effective and sustainable animal disease control while minimising risks to humans and animals.  Governments need to provide appropriate regulations on the authorisation, manufacturing, distribution and use of these products through their national legislation.  

Emergency and Resilience

We invest in cross-sectoral collaborations to empower countries, communities and individuals to prepare, prevent for and respond to emergencies and disasters.   

Our interconnected world faces multiple health security threats posed by disease outbreaks, climate change, conflicts and other factors. Emergencies and disasters can take different forms, but ultimately affect us all, having far-reaching impacts on animal health, production, welfare, economics, livelihoods and biodiversity. We believe that preparedness underpins resilience, and that more action is needed to enable communities to tackle emerging issues.

At the same time, we recognise the role played by Veterinary Services, with the support of other actors, in shaping a safer future. This is why we work at the intersections of disciplines and strive to build synergies across sectors to ultimately create strong and resilient health systems. 

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