The Headquarters are located in Paris. The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) is placed under the authority of the Director General of the WOAH, appointed by secret ballot by vote of the World Assembly of Delegates.

Headquarters Agreement between the Government of the Republic of France and the OIE


The Headquarters are located in Paris. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is placed under the authority of the Director General of the OIE, appointed by secret ballot by vote of the World Assembly of Delegates.

Dr. Monique Eloit was elected at the 83rd General Session in May 2015 for a first term of five years. She has assumed the role of Director General since 1 January 2016.

The Headquarters implement and coordinate activities such as disease information, technical cooperation and scientific activities, which the World Assembly of Delegates has decided upon.

Furthermore, the Headquarters provides the secretariat for the annual General Session of the Assembly, meetings of the Council and the Commissions as well as  technical meetings organised by the WOAH (founded as OIE); assistance is also given by the Headquarters to the secretariat of regional and specialised conferences. Since 1990 it also has a Documentation Centre of a great scientific value.

Organisation chart

Directorate General 
Monique EloitDirector General
François CayaChief of Staff
Isabelle CusinDirectorate Secretary
Romano MarabelliAdvisor to the Director General
Engagement and Investment Department 
Emily TagliaroHead of the Engagement and Investment Department
Ingrid Contreras AriasProject Officer
Nada EssawyResource Mobilisation and Grants Management Officer
Marie LemeunierResource Mobilisation and Grants Management Officer
Liana MehringResource Mobilisation and Grants Management Officer
Alice PineauProject Officer
Mwenecho Yohane SokoMonitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Officer
Digital Transformation & Information Systems Department 
Audrey TheryHead of the Digital Transformation & Information Systems Department
Emmanuel Owusu AppiahData Analyst
Cyrille BoonefaesWebmaster / Web Integrator
Marion DachéInformation System Projects Portfolio Manager
Amna KooliIT Project Manager
Paulina Iliana López GutiérrezLow code no code Officer
Ndèye Aminata NiangIT Projects Manager
Abdoul Aziz Salissou MayanaInfrastructure and workstation Manager
Communication Department 
Gerrit BegerHead of the Communication Department
Camilla CaraccioCommunications Officer (emergencies and resilience)
Lucia EscatiCommunications Manager – Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and regional communications
Yael FarhiCommunications Manager – Editorial and Media
Olive Nontuthuko Keamogetse NcubeTrilingual Secretary
Elise PierratCommunications Officer – Animal diseases and Zoonoses
Gabriel Reyes Digital Communication Officer – Multimedia
Sarah SullivanCommunications Officer
Antonia WongDigital Marketing & Data Officer
Ana Paula Zaleta PinetCommunications Manager – Digital and Marketing
Performance management and internal control Unit 
Stéphanie FrehelHead of the Performance management and internal control Unit
Thomas HyndrakPlanning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Directorate of Administration 
Andréa Rivera ValdezProcurement Manager (intellectual and technical services)
Desny Do NascimentoLegal Procurement Senior Officer
Anne Reale-BaillyBilingual Secretary 
Human Resources Unit 
Lionel SfarHead of the Human Resources Unit
Marie BonnerotPersonnel Administration Manager
Noémie BudukaTalent Acquisition Officer Senior
Sarah Daemi Ebrahim ZadehTalent Development Officer
Mialitiana RakotobeRecruitment and Training Manager
Budget Unit  
Alix WengHead of the Budget Unit
Reneylde BoulatAdministrative Assistant
Romain LemesnagerBudget Officer
Tharshika MelkiusBudget Assistant
Cyril SoubigouBudget Assistant
Accounting Unit  
Gilles SeigneurinHead of the Accounting Unit
Ousmane BarryAccountant
Joseph DangAccountant and Payroll Officer
Edwige de Oliveira MarquesAccountant
Marie DieniAccountant and Payroll Officer
General Services Unit 
Quentin MirgonHead of the General Services Unit
Sofyane ArnoultLogistics Officer
Alex GinzburgReceptionist / Standardist
Stéphane SchavliègeLogistics Technician
Zoltán SzabóReceptionist / Standardist
Joël YabutJanitor
Julio YabutGeneral Services Officer
Deputy Directorate General “Institutional Affairs and Regional Activities” 
Jean-Philippe DopDeputy Director General “Institutional Affairs and Regional Activities”
Chadia WannousSenior Specialist One Health
Regional Activities Department 
Neo Joel MapitseHead of the Regional Activities Department
Melanie AllanScientific Coordinator – Aquatic Animal Health Strategy
Viola ChemisRegional Programmes Coordinator
Alexandre FediaevskyChargé de mission GF-TADs
Myriam IspaSupervision of the “BESST” project and regional projects Manager
Nathaly MonsalveRegional Activities Coordination Manager
Melis Nurkan JeandesbozAdministrative Assistant
Capacity-Building Department 
Barbara AlessandriniHead of the Capacity-Building Department
Mario Ignacio AlgüernoPVS Pathway Programme Officer
Xyomara Chavez PachecoProject manager –Workforce development/Community animal health workers (CAHWs)
Sonia FèvreProgramme Manager/Capacity Building Advisor
Jennifer LasleySenior Programme Manager – PVS Pathway & WHO IHR connections
Nadège LeboucqCoordinator of the WOAH Collaborating Centers platform for the training of official veterinarians
Camille LoiChargée de mission
Valentyna SharandakChargée de mission
David ShermanChargé de mission
Rahul SrivastavaPublic Private Paternship Project Manager
Legal Affairs Unit 
Rodney de SouzaHead of the Legal Affairs Unit
Lisa BrouardLegal Officer
Documentation Cell 
Aline RousierHead of the Documentation Cell
Mara Elma Gonzalez OrtizSenior Documentation Project Manager
Events Coordination Unit  
Adriana AfaneEvents Coordinator
Tinatin Khutsishvili BernardEvents Coordinator
Christine PetitTrilingual Assistant Travel Manager
Margherita RecchiaEvents Coordinator Manager
Yi YangTravel Coordinator
Deputy Directorate General “International Standards and Science” 
Montserrat Arroyo KuribreñaDeputy Director General “International Standards and Science”
Tianna BrandAdvisor – Foresight
Colin BaslerCDC One Health Liaison to WOAH
Data Integration Department 
Laure Weber-VintzelHead of the Data Integration Department
Gaspar Avendaño-PerezTechnical Coordinator – Observatory
Lina AwadaVeterinary Epidemiologist
Katherine GregoryScientific Officer – Observatory
Edna Massay KallonOIE Technical Lead – Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs)
Morgane SalinesSenior Scientific Officer – Observatory
Paolo TizzaniVeterinary Epidemiologist
World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department  
Jennifer HutchisonHead of the World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department 
Peter MelensDeputy Head of Department
Elena Arcones SanjuanTrilingual Administrative Assistant
Margarita AlonsoTranslation/Editing Assistant
Gregorie Hermann BazimoAnimal Health Information Officer
Maria Ines Campos MongelosAnimal Health Information Analyst
Itlala GizoScientific Support Officer
Kevin Isaacs KawiAdministrative Assistant – Trilingual
Natalja LambergeonProject Manager for Animal Health Information Systems
Andrea Lavarello SchettiniAnimal Health Information Officer
Ronald Mora CastilloChargé de mission
Matteo MoriniChargé de mission 
François NtsamaChargé de mission
Belén Otero AbadChargée de mission
Anastasija PopovaScientific Support Officer
Serin ShinAnimal Health Information Officer
Florent TaconnetEditing Assistant/Translator
Jingwen WangAnimal Health Information Officer
Standards Department  
Gillian MylreaHead of the Standards Department
Francisco D’AlessioDeputy Head of Department
Claudia CamposBilingual Secretary
Kathleen FrischScientific Coordinator – Aquatic animal health
Bernita GiffinScientific coordinator for aquatic animal health
Anne GuillonCopy Editor
Stian JohnsenChargé de mission
Elizabeth MarierChargée de mission
Yukitake OkamuraScientific Officer for International Standards
Leopoldo Humberto Stuardo EscobarChargé de mission
Status Department  
Min-Kyung ParkHead of the Status Department
Manoel TamassiaDeputy Head of Department
Stéphanie BeauBilingual Secretary
Anna-Maria BakaDisease Status Officer
Aurelio Cabezas MurilloDisease Status Officer
Mauro MeskeDisease Status Officer
Natalie MoyenDisease Status Officer
Yoenten PhuentshokDisease Status Officer
Marija PopovicDisease Status Officer
Nassali Gloria TamaleDisease Status Officer
Preparedness and Resilience Department 
Keith HamiltonHead of the Preparedness and Resilience Department
Gloria BennethAdministrative Assistant
Claire CayolProject Manager – Wildlife health information systems
François DiazChargé de mission
Daniel DonachieProgramme Manager – Emergency Management
Mariana MarranaChargée de mission
Sophie MusetEbola Project Lead Progamme and Technical Coordinator
Brahmaver Dharmaveer ShettyCoordinator – Wildlife Networks
Madison WimmersProject Officer – Biological Threat Reduction
Science Department 
Gregorio José Torres PenalverHead of the Science Department
Kristine BussonAdministrative Assistant
Charmaine Chng WenyaScientific Coordinator – African swine fever and other swine diseases
Monal DaptardarScientific Coordinator – Rabies
Sara LinnaneScientific Editor
Valeria MarianoResearch Coordinator – Star IDAZ
Roberta A. MoralesScientific Coordinator
Gounalan PavadeScientific Coordinator – Avian influenza, Camel diseases
Rachel TidmanGlobal Rabies Coordinator
Publications Unit 
Aedín Mac DevittHead of the Publications Unit
Séverine BègueBilingual Secretary
Tamara BenicasaMarketing and Sales Manager
Kristen Whittier FooteEditorial Assistant
Catherine HayetSecretary/Translator
Antimicrobial Resistance and Veterinary Products Department 
Javier Yugueros-MarcosHead of the Antimicrobial Resistance and Veterinary Products Department
Ben DaviesChargé de mission
Andrés García CamposProject Manager, with focus on the quality of veterinary products
Delfy Marianella Góchez AlvarengaData Management Officer – AMU
Morgan JeanninData Information Management Officer
Mduduzi Welcome MagongoBusiness Project Management Support
Dante Roberto Mateo CarranzaChargé de mission with focus on aquatic animals
Ana Luisa Pereira MateusScientific Coordinator
Idrissa SavadogoData Information Management Officer
Mária SzabóChargée de mission for Veterinary Medicinal Products