WOAH to hold its 90th General Session the 21-25 May

Session Générale de l'OMSA

In less than two weeks, approximately 600 country representatives and animal health stakeholders will gather in Paris for the 90th General Session of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH). During five days, government representatives, chief veterinary officers, experts and partners will come together to adopt science-based standards, to share experiences, and to discuss solutions to the major animal health challenges the world faces today.  

Among these challenges is avian influenza, which has been ringing alarm bells in many countries, with outbreaks occurring in all regions of the globe this past year. To address this pressing issue, a dedicated Animal Health Forum will be organised, for the first time, within the framework of the General Session. Experts and country representatives will discuss the challenges in coordinating an animal health response to avian influenza, as well as how to minimise impacts through preventive and control alternatives. The Forum will provide a unique platform for participants to reach consensus on how to strategically tackle avian influenza and limit its adverse effects on society. 

Over 120 other animal diseases, including zoonoses, are covered by WOAH international standards, which are regularly updated and presented for adoption to national Delegates during the General Session. The standards aim to assist countries in reducing the negative impacts of these diseases, and to support veterinary public health more broadly. Based on the latest scientific and technical information, they guide national policies on animal health and welfare, and ensure the safer trade of animals and animal products.  

The event also presents the opportunity for the animal health experts to analyse the current landscape of animal diseases and look towards the future at new threats or trends. WOAH will also report to the World Assembly on the outcomes and progress of its global and regional activities during 2022. 

By bringing together experts and stakeholders from around the world, the 90th General Session is the main annual gathering of the animal health community. Together, new dialogues on preparedness and response to global disease threats will help pave the way for better animal health and welfare globally, thereby ensuring a better future for all. 

WOAH 90th General Session

The highlights of the event will be communicated throughout the week on this page