Agreement with the World Veterinary Association (WVA)


Adopted by the WVA and by the OIE on 29 May 2002

With a view to encouraging collaboration between the two signatories of the agreement on the following issues of common interest:

  • Role and functions of the veterinary profession including education standards and accreditation,
  • The role and responsibilities of the veterinary profession in animal health and animal welfare,
  • Relationships between “non-official” veterinarians in clinical practice and “official” veterinary services,
  • Relationships between veterinary associations and official veterinary Services,
  • Animal disease control and eradication,
  • Food safety and hygiene,
  • Development of dialogue and identification of areas of common interest and between the veterinary and the medical profession, with particular emphasis on zoonoses and issues of public (community) health,
  • International guidelines on the use of technicians and para-veterinarians for veterinary certification,
  • The privatisation of government veterinary services,
  • Veterinary councils, boards and chambers regulating the practising of the veterinary and para-veterinary professions,
  • Quality management standards and auditing of Government and clinical veterinary services,

1) The OIE will invite the WVA to participate as observer in Commissions, Working Groups, consultations and international conferences that are organised to address issues of common interest,

2) The WVA will invite the OIE to participate in similar works concerning issues of common interest.

3) If necessary and whenever required by circumstances, the OIE and the WVA will exchange their points of view on all issue of common interest or all international event concerning the veterinary profession.

Jim Edwards

Bernard Vallat

President of the World Veterinary Association (WVA)

Director General of the OIE