Agreement with the Economic Commission on Cattle, Meat and Fish Resources in CEMAC (CEBEVIRHA)


Adopted by the CEBEVIRHA and the OIE on 22 May 2003

  • Considering that the quantitative and qualitative development of livestock production and fish resources in the CEMAC sub-region, one of the fundamental objectives of CEBEVIRHA, is reliant upon protection against animal diseases and zoonoses and upon the strengthening of the animal health information system;

  • Considering that the development of intra- and extra-community trade in animals and their products and fish products, one of the principal objectives of CEBEVIRHA, necessitates the creation of an appropriate legislative and regulatory environment through the establishment of standards acceptable to all the stakeholders involved;

  • Considering that the strengthening of the Veterinary Services is a key factor in the application of sanitary measures and for the protection of public health;

  • Considering that one of the principal objectives of the OIE is to collect and disseminate information on the occurrence of animal diseases worldwide, including diseases of aquatic animals, and on the means of controlling them;

  • Considering that one of the principal objectives of the OIE is to facilitate international trade in animals and animal products through the development of international animal health standards;

  • Considering the OIE’s new mandate in the field of food safety;

  • Aware of the need to establish a Cooperation Agreement,

Hereby agree to the following:

Article 1

The present Agreement establishes technical cooperation between the Economic Commission on Cattle, Meat and Fish Resources (CEBEVIRHA) and the Office International des Epizooties (OIE).

Article 2

The OIE will assist CEBEVIRHA in the following fields, the list not being restrictive:

  • Harmonisation of animal health legislation and regulations;

  • Design and setting up of an animal health information system;

  • Design and setting up of an epidemiological surveillance system;

  • Development of standards for intra- and extra-community trade in animals, animal products and fish products;

  • Strengthening of the Veterinary Services through support for the organisation of courses and for training in academic institutions in the veterinary and food-processing fields.

Article 3

Within the framework of its assistance, the OIE will help CEBEVIRHA to benefit from available international expertise.

Article 4

CEBEVIRHA undertakes, according to its means, to place assistance in the form of human, material or financial resources at the disposal of the OIE.

Article 5

The two organisation agree to keep one another informed of all projects and work programmes of potential mutual interest.

Article 6

Each organisation will invite the other Party to participate as an observer in meetings dealing with subjects of mutual interest and will send the other Party the reports of these meetings.

Article 7

The OIE will provide CEBEVIRHA with its publications catalogue so as to enable the CEBEVIRHA to order publications of interest, at preferential prices. The OIE and CEBEVIRHA will exchange documents of mutual interest free of charge.

Article 8

The present Agreement is unlimited in duration. This duration may be revised by mutual agreement between the two Parties.

Article 9

The present Agreement comes into effect on the date on which it is signed.


 Benjamin Dira

Bernard Vallat

Director General of the Economic Commission on Cattle, Meat and Fish Resources in CEMAC (CEBEVIRHA)

Director General of the Office International des épizooties (OIE)