The World Animal Health Organisation (WOAH) has a consolidated experience in providing PVS Pathway orientation training to countries, both at national and sub-regional levels, all over the world. These interactive trainings incorporate theory, practical and planning aspects to prepare countries for future PVS Pathway engagement tailored to their needs.

PVS Pathway Cycle          Options for Targeted Support           Mission Reports

Careful analysis of both PVS Pathway successes and lessons learnt revealed that the level of national understanding, ownership and engagement of the Veterinary Services in the PVS Pathway was a key determinant of success.
PVS Training and Sub-Regional Orientation workshops lead to improved preparation and conduct of PVS Pathway missions, better quality reports, and most significantly, effective use of the reports to source funding and drive change to strengthen Veterinary Services.
It also potentiates PVS self-evaluation and develops regional networks of PVS expertise within Veterinary Services.
Subsequent to an initial round of PVS Pathway Orientation Training, followed by a threshold of national evaluation, planning and targeted support missions, a PVS Evaluation Follow Up and Lessons Learnt workshop at sub-regional level can be held to focus on key learnings, report analysis and sub-regional planning. It aims to “re-orientate” or update engagement as part of the cycle of continuous improvement.