Data Before 2005

Before 2005, information was collected on a monthly basis for former List A diseases and on an annual basis for former List A and List B diseases.

The monthly and annual data supplied by Members on animal diseases and zoonoses prior to 2005 can be accessed in the WOAH database via the Handistatus II web interface.

Handistatus II: User’s guide

Monthly information

To access monthly information from Handistatus II for the years before 2005, please select a country and a former List A disease to access Monthly Animal Disease Status (List A).

Annual information

The information contained under the heading Annual animal disease status is obtained from the Veterinary Services of WOAH, FAO and WHO Members in response to an annual questionnaire from WOAH Headquarters. The information provided in the annual reports includes WOAH’s former List A and B diseases and FAO List C diseases, zoonotic diseases, the number of new outbreaks of former List A diseases, and details of the structure of the Veterinary Services. Information on Former List A, B and C diseases includes the species and the number of animals affected and the prevention and control measures implemented.

There are two ways to access annual animal health status information in Handistatus II:

  • Select a region or country, and then select the disease of choice; or
  • Select the country of choice (with this selection, information on all animal diseases in this country will be available).

Then, choose one of the two categories under the heading Annual animal disease status.

Monthly information on new outbreaks of former List A diseases is also requested in the annual questionnaire.

To access this type of information, select a region and then select a List A disease. Then, choose the available category for a region and a disease under the heading Monthly animal disease status (List A). A second way to access this information is to select a country and a List A disease, and then look under the heading Monthly animal disease status (List A) / for a country and a disease.

The table on zoonoses (animal diseases transmissible to humans) can be accessed under the heading Zoonoses (human cases). The user must select a zoonotic disease from the “Disease” list.

Information on the number of veterinarians and technical personnel in each country can be accessed under the heading Veterinary Personnel. The region or a country must first be specified.

Multiannual information

Animal health status information by country for multiple years is available in Handistatus II. To access information on a given disease covering several years, select a country or a region AND a disease, then select the heading Multiannual animal disease status.

Disclaimer: As of September 2018, data available in HANDISTATUS (1996-2004) will no longer be updated. Countries wishing to update animal health data for the period 1996 up to 2004 should contact the World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department via WAHIS Support. All information contained in HANDISTATUS will be transferred to the new version of WAHIS (OIE-WAHIS). Thank you for your understanding.