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Can we prevent the spread of bird flu? OIE expert answers on France Culture

Radio Avian Influenza

La Méthode Scientifique (The Scientific Method) – by Nicolas Martin. France Culture, Radio France Group. La grippe aviaire : mon rhume en plumesAvian influenza : my feather cold · 14.02.2022 

Better known as bird flu, avian influenza has been getting a lot of interest worldwide. Currently at the peak of its season and responsible for grave impacts on domestic and wild birds and our lives, bird flu deserves attention from everyone.  

Reporter at the radio France Culture, Antoine Beauchamp met with us at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), to interview our very own veterinary epidemiologist, Dr Lina Awada, on the matter. 

The broadcast focuses on the current global bird flu situation, the role of our Organisation and the measures we need to take to stem the disease. 

Listen to our 3 highlights below to learn more: 

  • Countries are responsible for setting up appropriate surveillance on their territory, following OIE International Standards; 
  • Reporting of bird flu outbreaks in a timely manner to the OIE is crucial; 
  • After validation, the OIE shares the outbreaks alerts publicly, so the international community can be better prepared against the disease. 
  • Biosecurity measures and good hygiene practices in farms and live bird markets are essential to prevent the disease; 
  • Once outbreaks of bird flu are detected, control measures can be put in place, as described in the OIE International Standards. 

Bird flu can affect both humans and animals; 

We thus need to tackle bird flu under a One Health approach, that considers human health, animal health and environmental as interdependent.  

Access the whole show here (in French)