Simulation exercise: Foot and mouth disease in Romania

7 to 10 September 2009

Dr Niculae Lazar, General Director of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority of Romania, informed the OIE that a simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) called “Red Alert” (AGR 33243) will be organized and hold by Veterinary Services in cooperation with TAIEX in Gura Humorulio locality, Suceava County from 7 to 10 September 2009.

Will participate to this exercise the County Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Directorates (CSVFSD), the Inspectorates for Emergency Situations, stakeholders and veterinarian bodies, the European Commission and three neighbouring countries.

Its objectives are to test:

– the Contingency plan and the Operational Manual on local level mainly involving field and Local Disease Control Centre (LDCC) activities ; – the response capacity of the CSVFSD to an outbreak of FMD;

– the capacity of working together of the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (NSVFSA) and the County Inspectorate for Emergency Situation within LDCC.

There will be also a visit to the Crisis Operational Centre organized for an easier intervention in applying control measures in the field.

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World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
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