Simulation exercise: Foot and mouth disease in Romania-2

20 to 22 May

Dr Niculae Lazar, Acting Director General, National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority of Romania (NSVFSA), informed the OIE that a field simulation exercise on foot and mouth disease (FMD) will take place in Constan?a County from 20 to 22 May 2013.

Will participate to this exercise representatives of NSVFSA, representatives of 42 County Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Directorates (CSVFSD), of the National Group of Experts on FMD as well as representatives of Inspectorates for Emergency Situations (IES) from a few South-East counties of Romania. The Local Disease Control Centre (LDCC) will be set up.

The overall aim of this exercise is to review and check the Government contingency plans and policies for the control and eradication of an outbreak of FMD with a view to identifying improvements in the plans, instructions, structures and procedures.

The objectives of this simulation exercise are to:

  •  demonstrate that the government is taking the threat of an exotic animal disease seriously and that it has effective policies and contingency plans in place;
  •  demonstrate the joined up response of the veterinary authorities to an outbreak of FMD;
  •  exercise the authorities response to an outbreak of FMD in conjunction with their operational partners, both nationally and locally;
  •  increase awareness of relevant Romanian authorities.

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