Simulation exercise: African swine fever in Chinese Taipei

26 December

Dr Wen-Jane Tu, Chief Veterinary Officer, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine of Chinese Taipei, informed the OIE that in response to the increasing threat of Africa swine fever (ASF) in the region, an interdepartmental simulation exercise on ASF named “2018 National ASF Contingency Simulation Exercise” will take place on 26 December 2018 at three places in Chinese Taipei, including Kaohsiung International Airport, Yanpu Fishing Harbor and Kanding Refuse Incinerator Plant in Pingtung County.

The objectives of this exercise, in which relevant staff member participate, contain the following three main aspects:

  1. To strengthen border control by familiarizing staff of the coast guard, customs and quarantine veterinary officers with the control procedures;
  2. To ensure that the Veterinary Service’s preparedness and readiness in case ASF is introduced from abroad and outbreaks occur locally;
  3. To enhance public awareness of the threat of ASF through media exposure of the simulation exercise.

The authorities, which will participate in this exercise, include the Coast Guard Administration of the Ocean Affairs Council, the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance, the Local Government of Pingtung County and the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine. The Ministry of National Defense, the Environmental Protection Administration, and the other Local Governments will also attend the exercise as observers.

World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department
World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
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