Press Release

Dr Emmanuelle Soubeyran elected as new Director General of the World Organisation for Animal Health

Paris, 28 May 2024 – During its 91st General Session, the World Organisation for Animal Health elects its new Director General, Dr Emmanuelle Soubeyran, for a 5-year mandate (2024-2029).  

Today marks another significant milestone in the World Organisation for Animal Health’s (WOAH) unwavering commitment to global animal health as the Organisation announces the election of its new Director General. 

Through a secret ballot vote, following the “one country, one vote” rule, WOAH Delegates chose Dr Soubeyran, to lead the Organisation into its next chapter. She therefore becomes WOAH’s 8th Director General. Under Soubeyran’s leadership, the Organisation will remain dedicated to advancing animal health governance, promoting a safer, healthier future for both animals and humans. 

Dr Soubeyran’s election brings an end to predecessor Dr Monique Eloit’s successful 8-year tenure at the  Organisation. Dr Eloit leaves a significant legacy, having enhanced global cooperation to combat animal diseases. During her two mandates, WOAH has strengthened its Members’ capacity and inclusivity, expanding support for veterinary paraprofessionals and community animal health workers. Fostering innovation, WOAH also implemented data-driven programmes such as the Observatory, a monitoring mechanism of the implementation of WOAH Standards, and the global database on animal antimicrobial use, ANIMUSE.  

As we celebrate WOAH’s 100th anniversary, we reflect on a century of unwavering commitment to global animal health. The future presents complex and interconnected challenges, from zoonotic diseases to the sustainability of animal production. WOAH is prepared to take the lead in addressing these issues with an emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity.