Report, Gap Analysis

Vanuatu: PVS Gap Analysis Report


The PVS Gap Analysis of the Veterinary Services (VS) of the Republic of Vanuatu was
implemented with the permanent participation of two official veterinarians and two national consultants in charge of livestock policy review, and the part-time presence of the Director of Livestock Department and of the acting-Director of the Biosecurity Department. The specific context of the livestock sector of Vanuatu could be summarised as follows: absence of major epizootic and zoonotic diseases, limited national herd estimated 200 000Veterinary Livestock Units (1 VLU = 1 cattle = ten small ruminants = three pigs = 100 poultry) of which 75% belongs to 15 000 smallholder livestock farmers scattered throughout 14 main islands (out of 83 in total).