Risk assessment procedures in Argentina for the safe import, quarantine, and release of biological control agents against pests


M. Sanchez, E. Ferro & P. Cortese

The decision to import and release biological control agents (BCAs) from outside of one’s country is a national one which may involve various authorities but will be overseen by the national plant protection organisation with responsibilities described in the International Plant Protection Convention. This paper provides an overview of the decision processes and roles of these authorities in Argentina. Argentina has a long history of coordination with the other Southern Cone nations on plant protection and other technical sanitary and phytosanitary matters associated with trade. This article reports on 25 years of evaluation, import, and release of BCAs classified as exotic. Not a single of import with a permit has faced rejection on the basis of phytosanitary requirements. This highlights the commitment of the region to the use of integrated pest management approaches that rely on international shipments of live insects and other beneficial organisms.

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