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Practical Guidelines for National Procurement of Veterinary Vaccines



The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) developed Practical Guidelines for National Procurement of Veterinary Vaccines to support its Members in the process of identifying and procuring quality-assured veterinary vaccines. They contribute to provide clear guidance on the information regarding the vaccines and the manufacturers required for the procurement process.

These guidelines should be considered in as­sociation with other WOAH tools or recommendations:

  • standards have been developed and are included in the Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals, as well as in the Terrestrial Animal Health Code,
  • the PVS Pathway includes a specific legislative support named PVS Veterinary Legislation Support Programme (VLSP),
  • WOAH Collaborating Centres have been accredited for vaccine (or veterinary products) quality control,
  • vaccines banks have been established for some diseases, and some countries, but are not meant to replace na­tional procurement…

Other international organisations also propose some supportive processes or mechanisms. These guidelines are a complementary tool to answer Members’ needs and challenges in getting access to quality-assured veterinary vaccines.