Parvoviruses (Infection with)

There are several parvoviruses that infect different animal species worldwide, including domestic and wild mammals, crustaceans, and arthropods. Parvoviruses (family Parvoviridae) are non-enveloped, negative-sense single-stranded DNA viruses. Parvoviridae is divided into 2 subfamilies: Densovirinae, which infect arthropods, and Parvovirinae, which infect vertebrates. The greatest concern to wildlife are viruses in the Parvovirinae subfamily, whose genera include Erythroparvovirus, Dependoparvovirus, Amdoparvovirus, Bocaparvovirus, and Parvovirus. Parvoviruses are mostly of concern to domestic animals; they can be transmitted to or from wildlife and may be a threat to captive wildlife species.