Case Definition

OIE Case Definition for Infection with Trypanosoma equiperdum (dourine)


It is important that OIE Members share a common understanding of what constitutes a ‘case’ for the purposes of notification – the case definition – so that the occurrence and distribution of confirmed cases can be notified consistently among Members and over time. The Terrestrial Animal Health Code (Terrestrial Code) does not yet include a case definition for all OIE-listed terrestrial diseases, which could result in poor or inconsistent notification of disease events. To address this, and to assist Members in meeting their notification obligations, the OIE is working in collaboration with subject-matter experts to develop case definitions for those OIE-listed diseases where this information is absent or incomplete in the Terrestrial Code.

This case definition for infection with Trypanosoma equiperdum (dourine) was endorsed by the Scientific Commission for Animal Diseases at its February 2021 meeting.