Loss of production and animal health costs in economy level burden


T.L. Marsh, D. Pendell, P. Schrobback, G. Shakil & P. Tozer

This paper focuses specifically on identifying the losses of production and costs of livestock health and animal disease externalities (or lack of) with the intent to estimate economy wide burden. We limit our scope to terrestrial livestock and aquaculture that are farmed wherein economic burden is predominately determined by market forces. We delineate losses and costs into both direct losses and costs and indirect losses and costs, as well as ex-post costs and ex-ante costs. These costs include not only private expenditures but also public expenditures on prevention, treatment, and response of livestock disease and animal health. This is important because a primary role of government is to mitigate externalities. Then we discuss market impacts and investments. Finally, we provide selected examples, illustrative observations, and discuss future directions for research and application.

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