Avian Paramyxoviruses (other than those listed by the OIE) (Infection with)

Avian paramyxoviruses (APMV) are enveloped, single-stranded negative-sense RNA viruses in the genus Avulvavirus (family Paramyxoviridae). APMV-1, the causative agent of Newcastle Disease (ND), is particularly detrimental to commercial poultry operations due to respiratory and neurologic disease as well as decreased egg production. Wild birds serve as reservoirs for several other APMV serotypes and do not appear to develop significant pathology. However, poultry infected with these serotypes may experience decreased egg production and respiratory problems.
For the purpose of voluntary reporting on non OIE-listed diseases in wildlife, “avian paramyxoviruses” excludes Newcastle disease virus in wild birds. Information on infections of Newcastle disease virus in wild birds is discussed individually in a separate technical card.