Report, Situation

African Swine Fever – Situation report 15/02/2019 – 01/03/2019


The presence of ASF is notified to the OIE by its Members through the Six-monthly reports (as sufficiently stable) or through Immediate Notifications (IN’s) and Follow-up reports (FUR’s), when considered as an exceptional event. In 2018, this disease was notified through the six-monthly reports in 3 countries in Europe (Estonia, Italy and Lithuania) and 18 countries in Africa. South Africa and Zambia notified the disease in 2018 through the Six-monthly reports and through IN and FUR’s. This report presents an overview of the events notified through the OIE’s Early Warning System (EWS) by means of IN and FUR’s. This information is publicly available. A classification of the affected population (by wild boar, backyard and farm swine) was made considering their different roles in the epidemiology of the disease