OIE Tool for the Evaluation of Performance of Aquatic Animal Health Services – 2nd edition


[In English]

The aquatic animal health domain is complex and all its various elements are synthesised into component  parts  for assessment and planning along the OIE PVS Pathway via the PVS Tool − Aquatic.

 The PVS Tool − Aquatic has four Fundamental Components and 47 Critical Competencies.

To help countries and AAHS to address evolving challenges and priorities in aquatic animal and public health, some Critical Competencies  have  been modified in this, the second edition of the OIE PVS Tool.

The new edition also improves coverage, with a clearer incorporation of contemporary aquatic animal health issues relating to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and use (AMU), One Health approach and bio-threat reduction. The new edition also covers biosecurity, the implementation of standards for disease investigation and tracing, aquatic animal product markets (domestic trade), and public−private partnerships.