Aquatic Animal Health Code

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Chapter 5.8.

Frontier posts in the importing country

Article 5.8.1.

The Competent Authority shall provide specified frontier posts with an office comprising personnel, equipment and premises as the case may be and, in particular, means for:

  1. detecting and isolating aquatic animal populations affected with or suspected of being affected with a disease;

  2. carrying out disinfection of vehicles used to transport aquatic animals and aquatic animal products;

  3. making clinical examinations and obtaining specimens of material for diagnostic purposes from live aquatic animals or carcasses of aquatic animals affected or suspected of being affected with a disease, and obtaining specimens of aquatic animal products suspected of contamination.

Furthermore, it is preferable that each port and international airport be provided with equipment for the sterilisation or incineration of any material dangerous to aquatic animal health.

Article 5.8.2.

When required by international traffic in transit, airports shall be provided, as soon as possible, with areas of direct transit; these must, however, comply with the conditions required by the Competent Authority.

Article 5.8.3.

Each Veterinary Authority shall keep at the disposal of the OIE Headquarters and any interested country on request:

  1. a list of specified frontier posts and processing plants for aquatic animals in its territory that are approved for international trade;

  2. the period of time required for notice to be given for the application of the arrangements contained in paragraph 2 of Articles 5.9.1. and 5.9.2.;

  3. a list of airports in its territory that are provided with an area of direct transit.


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