Dear Conference Participants,
Thank you for your contribution to our very successful OIE Global Conference on Biological Threat Reduction, held in Paris (France), on 30 June – 2 July 2015.

As promised the draft Conference recommendations, which aim to take into account the points raised in discussion on Thursday 2 July 2015, are now available for your review and further comment on the OIE website at: recommendations .

Please submit your suggestions as specific proposed text changes in the document, with supporting explanatory rationale. Proposed deletions should be indicated in ‘strikethrough’ and proposed additions with ‘double underline’. Comments on these recommendations must reach OIE Headquarters by 15 July 2015 and all comments should be sent to the OIE Scientific and Technical Department at: [email protected]

As indicated on Thursday 2 July 2015, we will finalize these recommendations, taking into account all comments received with the support of our experts. We will publish the final version on the web site and this text will be presented to the 84th World Assembly of national Delegates of Member Countries in May 2016.

Thank you again for your participation,

Bernard Vallat

World Organisation for Animal Health • 12 rue de Prony 75017 Paris (France) • Tel.: 33(0)1 • Fax: 33(0)1 • • [email protected]