Annex to the Agreement with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC)


Adopted by the SPC and the OIE on 10 April 2003 

This annex to the agreement between the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Office international des epizooties (OIE) specifies the terms of collaboration between the SPC and the OIE for the development, maintenance and distribution of a Regional Animal Health Information System for the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs

1. Background

A collaborative project between SPC and FAO lead in 1997 to the development of the first Pacific ANimal health Information System (PANIS). PANIS consisted in a relational database, only accessible from the Internet. The database allowed users to map the disease status for the world, search and compare disease status between countries and to report outbreak of diseases. Unfortunately some requests gave inconsistent results and the data, located on a distant Mac Server, was difficult to update.

A second version of the Pacific ANimal health Information System, PANIS 2 is under development at the Regional Animal Health Service (RAHS) of the SPC. The new system is housed on a PC server. The ability to respond to similar requests for information is being developed. In addition new functions will be added, including availability of regional resources, regional livestock population data, records of insect vectors. The database will be accessible from the Internet and in addition CD-Rom versions will be distributed to PICTs to overcome the difficulties faced by Pacific islands countries and territories in accessing Internet.

2. Definitions

For the purposes of this amendment:

1) PANIS 2 means the second version of the Pacific ANimal health Information System whether it refers to the Internet version or the CD-Rom version.

2) "Disease occurrence data" means accurate, consistent and objective data on the occurrence of animal diseases as listed in OIE list A and B of diseases, FAO list C of diseases and SPC list D of diseases. Such information being provided by OIE, individual countries, RAHS survey activities or any other reliable scientific source of information.

3) "Acknowledgement of occurrence data property" means reference to the source of information displayed in the database. Disease occurrence data provided by the OIE will remain the property of the OIE and its member countries and will be clearly and appropriately acknowledged in PANIS 2.

3. Areas of responsibility

i) SPC will be responsible for the development of the PANIS 2 database without restriction on the software used and maintaining the possibility of seeking the technical assistance of FAO according to the existing agreement on which PANIS 1 was developed.

ii) SPC will be responsible for providing access to the database for its member countries only through the Internet with a password to access to it or through the distribution of CD-Rom.

iii) SPC will be responsible for the maintenance of the PANIS 2 database and the update of the disease occurrence data.

iv) The OIE, which is recognised as the main source of accurate and updated disease occurrence data, agrees to make the data fully and available to the SPC on a half-yearly basis and in a digital format.

v) The SPC agrees not to edit or modify the disease occurrence data supplied by the OIE

vi) The SPC agrees to clearly and appropriately acknowledge OIE in PANIS 2 as a partner and identify OIE logo on the database and on the produced CDs.

vii) The SPC agrees to identify clearly the OIE as the source of disease occurrence data.

viii) The SPC guaranties that OIE provided data will be used exclusively to feed PANIS 2 database and will not be exploited or shared by others organisations, enterprises or individuals.

ix) The SPC will provide to the OIE as per the OIE Animal Health Information System, animal diseases information for its Member Countries that are not OIE Member Countries.

x) The SPC will put in place a mechanism aimed at preventing the copying of information resources on the produced CD_ROM, but will not be held liable should such an occurrence happen through no fault of SPC.

4. Validity and duration

The present letter of agreement will enter into force once approved and signed by both parties and shall be of indefinite duration. Either of the parties may terminate this agreement by means of an official notification giving three month’s notice and which states the reasons for termination.


For the Office International des
Bernard Vallat
Director General

For the Secretariat of the Pacific
Lourdes Pangelinan
Director General