Agreement with the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM)


Adopted by the ICMM and the OIE on 17 March 2006

The purpose of this Agreement is to facilitate the contacts and cooperation between the World Organization for Animal Health (hereinafter referred to as OIE) and the International Committee of Military Medicine (hereinafter referred to as ICMM), and particularly the Commission for Veterinary Sciences.

Considering that one of the principal objectives of the ICMM is to maintain and to strengthen the bonds between all medical services of Member States in order to promote medico-military scientific activities and to participate in the development of the medical and medico-military setting of humanitarian operations,

Considering that the veterinary sciences constitute a field of activity of ICMM, especially in matters of veterinary public health,

Considering that one of the principal objectives of the OIE includes surveillance and control of animal disease, including zoonoses, as well as the food safety, particularly at the primary production levels,

Considering the need for facilitating coordination and implementation of human and material resources available in the event of major sanitary crisis,

OIE and ICMM have agreed to the following:

1. Reciprocal representation

Each organisation will invite the other party to participate as an observer in its meetings where matters of mutual interest may arise, and make the reports of these meetings available.

The Secretary General of ICMM will especially invite the Director General of OIE to participate in, or be represented at, without voting rights, annual or biennial World Congress of Military Medicine that is organised by ICMM, as well as other meetings of common interest.

Likewise, the Director General of OIE will invite the Secretary General of ICMM to participate in, or be represented at, without voting rights, the Annual General Sessions of the International Committee of the OIE, as well as other meetings of common interest.

2. Exchange of information and documents

Subject to any arrangements which may be necessary to safeguard the confidential nature of certain documents, the OIE and the ICMM shall undertake the exchange of technical documents.

The ICMM contracts, provided that the competent authority of each member military health services give its agreement, to provide all useful and non confidential information to bring up to date a data base in relation with military veterinary duties in the field of public health.

3. Cooperation

The OIE and the ICMM agree in order to act in collaboration and to consult each other on questions of mutual interest, in particular those concerning veterinary public health.

The OIE and the ICMM may agree on joint actions, notably in order to develop international cooperation for animal disease protection, food safety, fight against zoonoses and animal welfare.

4. Validity and duration

The present agreement will enter into force once signed by both parties and shall be of indefinite duration. Either party may terminate this agreement by means of an official notification giving three months notice and stating the reasons for termination.

Either of the parties may propose amendments to the original text, expressed in writing. The other party will have to approve it in writing.

Dr Jacques Sanabria

Dr Bernard Vallat

Secretary General of the ICMM

Director General

World Organisation of Animal Health (OIE)