Agreement with the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI)


Adopted by the FEI and the OIE in September 2002

1. The Office International des Épizooties, hereinafter referred to as OIE, and the Federation Equestre Internationale, hereinafter referred to as FEI, will keep the other party informed of its activities which may be of mutual interest.

2. Each organisation will invite the other party to participate in its meetings where matters of mutual interest may arise.

3. The OIE will forward to FEI its catalogue of available publications to enable it to request OIE publications on activities related to the work of FEI. FEI will benefit from the same concessional rates as other organisations affiliated to the OIE. OIE and FEI will exchange unpriced documents on subjects of mutual interest.

4. The two organisations will endeavour to develop further cooperation through both formal and informal consultations on the issues of common interest listed below.

Issues of common interest:

  • The provision of general information on the competition horse industry
  • Veterinary research into equine diseases
  • Consultation on the development and revision of international animal health standards for the international movement of horses
  • Consultation on the development and revision of animal welfare policies, guidelines and standards for the international movement of horses.
  • Exchange of views on the approach by intergovernmental bodies such as WHO/FAO/WTO on disease control strategies which may involve competition horses
  • Relations between the competition horse industry and official veterinary services.


Bo Helander

 Bernard Vallat

Secretary General
of the Fédération Équestre Internationale

Director General
of the Office International des épizooties