Laboratory Twinning

Global distribution of OIE Lab Twinnings. Map last updated in December 2021.

The OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme has been in place since 2006 and directly supports OIE’s strategy to improve global capacity for disease prevention, detection, and control, through capacity building and networking.

The Laboratory Twinning Programme enables the OIE to use its network of Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres (referred as Parent institutes) to assist “Candidate” institutes wishing to improve their capacity and scientific expertise. The aim is to strengthen national and regional laboratories capabilities, and for some of the Candidate Institutes to become OIE Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres for the benefit of their country and region. Laboratory Twinning projects provide mutual benefits for Parent and Candidate Institutes, including the creation of joint research opportunities, establishment of research networks and sustainable capacity building. A high level of scientific expertise is essential for countries to formulate science-based animal disease control strategies and to maintain scientific communities to support the standard setting process of the OIE.

Thanks to the OIE Laboratory Twinning Programme, more countries have access to high quality diagnostic testing and improved technical capability, thus facilitating early disease detection and its rapid control.

List of OIE Laboratory Twinning projects

How to apply

  1. Read: A guide to OIE Laboratory Twinning projects
  2. Contact the OIE
  3. Prepare the proposal using the OIE template, available on request.

Contact: Laboratory Twinning Programme, Dr Mariana Marrana [email protected]