WOAH National Focal Points Training

The WOAH Delegate designates a National Focal Point for each of the following eight key topics, of critical importance to the Veterinary Services: animal disease notification, wildlife, veterinary products and AMR, animal production food safety, animal welfare, aquatic animals, communication, and laboratories.

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Workforce Development through WOAH National Focal Points Training

In 2007, the WOAH (founded as OIE) launched a global workforce development programme for WOAH Delegates and National Focal PointsThe National Focal Point should assist the Delegate in fulfilling his/her responsibilities to the WOAH, especially in these areas of specialisation, in order to ensure a standard setting and implementation process that is transparent and inclusive among WOAH Member Countries. This training programme provides Veterinary Services’ good governance concepts to WOAH Members and explains the role of the WOAH National Focal Point.

Regional training seminars for WOAH National Focal Points are held in each WOAH Region and for each topic. These seminars aim to provide participants with knowledge of the commitments and responsibilities of the WOAH Delegate, and their specialist role in supporting them, in the standard-setting process, and on compliance with the WOAH international standards, including in disease reporting and Veterinary Services.  The training also raises awareness about regional and global issues and concerns outside of the national context. The seminars provide specialised and horizontal training across the WOAH mandate on topics relevant to their area of expertise, while also promoting reflection on how national systems can further work towards compliance with the WOAH standards, including via the PVS Pathway.

The WOAH works to empower National Focal Points to share information with their relevant colleagues, provide further training on WOAH standards to staff, and to better connect the areas of the Veterinary Services operating in the veterinary domain but not necessarily under the Veterinary Authority (e.g., aquatics, wildlife).

Efforts are underway to take advantage of the WOAH’s network of Collaborating Centres to provide specialised training support to WOAH Member Countries as well as to develop new training mechanisms and platforms, including e-learning.