PVS Evaluation and PVS Evaluation Follow-Up missions have been the proven core component of the PVS Pathway since its inception. They provide a careful evaluation of the current performance of the national Veterinary Services, and the capacity to undertake ongoing monitoring of performance over time using consistent methods.

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The initial PVS Evaluations comprise a 2-6 week mission which delivers a thorough, qualitative assessment of the performance of a country’s Veterinary Services and their compliance with WOAH (founded as OIE) international Standards. It is an external evaluation conducted by a group of WOAH trained and certified experts which collect and analyse baseline information and evidence collated during the mission, including an extensive field component. The mission uses the proven PVS Tool, where 45 Critical Competencies are systematically evaluated via documentation reviews, interviews and physical observations against five qualitative graded levels of advancement, each with detailed descriptions or indicators to transparently guide the process.

The final output is a comprehensive assessment report, providing a complete overview of the Veterinary Services’ condition, evaluating its performance and identifying strengths and weaknesses, based on WOAH international Standards.

The PVS Evaluation Follow-Up mission serves to update the assessment and progress made by countries, using consistent methods over time. Cross-referencing to the initial PVS Evaluation and considering the goals established during the PVS Gap Analysis (PVS Costing Tool), in addition to taking into account other PVS Pathway related activities undertaken in the country, this mission assesses and monitors progress made (change in legislation, technical capacities, etc.) using the WOAH PVS Tool and the updated levels of advancement of each Critical Competency.

There are other variants of these Evaluations, available as further options for tailored engagement:

  • PVS Self-Evaluation: The WOAH PVS Tool is publicly available for WOAH Member Countries to use for PVS Self-Evaluation purposes.
  • PVS Evaluation of Aquatic Animal Health Services (AAHS): The WOAH has developed a PVS Tool for AAHS based on the WOAH PVS Tool, which includes some amendments making it more appropriate for the evaluation of the performance of aquatic animal health services.
  • PVS Evaluation Specific Content: Member Countries can choose to include a specific content supplement (report annex) related to global priority diseases and issues, such as PPR and Rabies into the PVS Evaluation and Evaluation Follow Up missions, which are still completed and reported in full.

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