The OIE launches its rinderpest awareness campaign « Never turn back! »

Let’s make sure that rinderpest stays history.
Today, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) introduces its rinderpest awareness campaign, “Never turn back!” for its 180 Member Countries. The objective of this campaign is to guarantee that our world remains free of rinderpest, by ensuring that the memory of this disease stays alive.


Paris, 24 May 2017 – In the past, rinderpest caused the death of millions of animals all over the world, with terrible consequences on food safety, rural livelihoods and economic losses. Thanks to decades of concerted efforts at the global level, rinderpest was officially declared eradicated from the planet by the OIE and FAO in 2011, and therefore it is the first and only animal disease to have been completely eradicated, and only the second disease in history, after smallpox.

However, if we are not vigilant, our world will still be vulnerable to the reoccurrence of this disease
.A single case could undermine this achievement! Materials and samples that could contain the virus are still being stored today, in laboratories throughout the world. Until these potential sources of rinderpest virus are either safely destroyed or transferred to one of the Rinderpest Holding Facilities approved by the OIE and FAO, our planet remains at risk of a reoccurrence of the disease.

The keyword of this campaign is: Vigilance

Because only with the continuous vigilance of every key player, we will keep our world free from rinderpest.

This campaign is aimed at all the key players in animal health: veterinarians, both veterinary authorities and practitioners, farmers, vet teachers and students, as well as laboratory staff. Its purpose is to make sure that everyone involved in animal health is fully aware of rinderpest challenges and of the role that they still have to play in the post-eradication era, to protect this achievement.

The representatives of the 180 OIE Member Countries also have a major role to play in guaranteeing the implementation and success of this campaign in their countries. They are our voice to encourage the key players in their own countries to stay vigilant and mobilised on the rinderpest topic.

Objectives of the campaign:

  • To ensure that rinderpest occupies an appropriate place  in veterinary education curricula;
  • To maintain professional veterinary knowledge of rinderpest to enable effective surveillance  for rapid detection, notification and response in case of a resurgence of rinderpest;
  • To guide laboratories to get rid of any rinderpest virus-containing material stocks.

Take action to maintain our world free from rinderpest! Be the guardian of decades of cooperative efforts, do not forget our accomplishment neither let it be threatened!

Discover the campaign video « Never turn back »:


The OIE has developed a large range of tools to help you implement your campaign.
They will be available in June 2017 on the Campaign website:



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