90th General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates

The 90th Annual General Session took place on Sunday 21 to Thursday 25 May 2023, face-to-face in Paris. The 90th General Session brought together representatives of 182 WOAH Members, representatives from international organisations that have signed an official agreement with WOAH.

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Avian Influenza

General Session Highlights

Agriculture industry, farming, people and animal husbandry concept.

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WOAH Animal Health Forum
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Animal Health Forum


Session Générale de l'OMSA
Mature veterinarian in white coat and protective mask on face holding clipboard and using smart phone while standing in cote. In background pigs.

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A husband and wife enjoy birdwatching together.


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Activity Report 2022 : The humans behind animal health

Animals play such an important role in our lives everywhere. Therefore, the veterinary workforce is crucial in protecting human livelihoods, reducing health risks and contributing to a balanced ecosystem. In 2022, we pursued our mission to help Members empower their veterinary workforce, for everyone’s benefit.

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Animal Diseases

Working across borders to foster a One Health approach to global health. The health of animals and the environment strongly depend on human activities.

  • One Health

    One Health

    The “One Health” approach summarises a concept that has been known for more than a century; that human, animal and plant health are interdependent and bound to the health of the ecosystems in which they exist. We envisage and implement it as a collaborative, whole of society, whole of government approach to understanding, anticipating and addressing risks to global health.
  • Antimicrobial resistance

    Antimicrobial resistance

    Imagine a world where infections and diseases in humans, animals and plants are impossible to treat. This worst-case scenario could become a reality as bacteria, viruses and parasites develop resistance to the drugs we use to fight them. Antimicrobial resistance, or AMR, has become one of the most pressing health issues of our time. Solutions exist and everyone has a role to play in the fight against this global threat.
  • Disease Data Collection

    Disease Data Collection

    World Animal Health Information System Discover Data Before 2005 Discover Active Search Discover Simulation Exercises Discover The World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) is an internet-based computer system that processes data on animal diseases in…
  • Animal Welfare

    Animal welfare is a complex and multi-faceted subject with scientific, ethical, economic, cultural, social, religious and political dimensions. It is attracting growing interest from civil society and is one of the priorities of the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH).
  • Aquatic Animals

    Aquatic animals

    Aquatic animals play a key role in achieving a more prosperous and secure world, contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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