Antimicrobial resistance: toolkit for media engagement


Various forms of media help to shape public opinion, narratives and discourse that affect public behaviour, knowledge, attitudes, and practice. Media also help to dispel myths and misconceptions, combat misinformation and promote evidence- and science-based information.

Media were therefore identified as one of four priorities during two global consultations for raising awareness about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), organized in 2022 by the Quadripartite organizations. The priorities for developing a common approach to awareness-raising, including for the media, are to engage target audiences in a participatory approach; emphasize AMR and ensure that the messages are simple, consistent, and clear; agree on common definitions, language, and terms for AMR in all sectors; and ensure coordination of awareness among sectors.

In response, the Quadripartite has developed this practical toolkit for engaging media in AMR. The aim is to equip individuals, organizations and networks with tools for media engagement on AMR at subnational, national, regional and global levels to increase public awareness of AMR, including policy-makers, civil society and communities.